Vive la France and " AOP " Cheeses in Yangon with Market place

Cheese news in Yangon :

Valençay and Sainte Maure delicatessen Raw goat cheeses  from the French Loire region and from famous Jacquin company  have been introduced  in ” Market places” from Citymart to the enjoyment of cheese lovers ,….. Tomme de Savoie a wonderful raw cow milk cheese from the Savoie region and from Bouchet Cheese maker  is also present !

Recommended Wine pairing : Light mineral White Wine for Valençay and Sainte Maure , full bodied Red for Tomme de Savoie ,…Keep in cool temperature ( 4-8 ° C) particularly Valençay and Ste Maure Cheeses which are refined & delicate but also fragile when exposed  to ambient warm temperatures . Enjoy ..

Chaîne des Rôtisseurs